Henry wants to create an app to advance informal academic conversations

Updated: Jan 28

Zoom link: https://union.zoom.us/j/92706012710

I believe there is an untapped potential in social networks: to serve as an extension of the classroom. I often want to informally discuss philosophical material outside of

class. Yet my engagement with academic material is often strictly confined to the classroom. Moreover, the material I engage with is heavily

predetermined by the courses I am taking. Therefore, I am calling this Pop Up Idea HUB to plan, outline, perhaps even start to map out how to create an app for informal discussion surrounding academic content with a broader, global community. My goal is to differentiate the platform from existing platforms, such as Quora and Reddit. I would love to hear your input on how we can leverage technology/social media to produce greater value for users.

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For more information contact Christine Henseler @UNION COLLEGE

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